A year of wisdom, inspiration & beauty

Edible Flowers 2013 will inspire you throughout 2013 with refreshing beauty, healing colors, and words steeped in positivity and reflective insights.

There must be someone(s) you know

who would love the colorful healing energy of

Edible Flowers 2013 as a gift!

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I hope you find many ways to take in the healing beauty

and wisdom of flowers throughout your New Year!

Remember, you are what you eat and think!

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Each month features a different edible flower, many of which are also known as medicinal. The inside cover offers interesting information about the uses or history of each flower.

Each page offers an inspiring quote and an affirmation. Affirmations are positive statements that are used, ideally daily, to manifest that which you desire in your life.

We are what we eat & think...

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful, they are  sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.  ~ Luther Burbank

Edible Flowers is available for wholesale purchases

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There are a number of people I wish to thank for helping to make this printing possible. I first announced Edible Flowers 2013 as a Kickstarter project. The following people pledged their support by backing the project and helping to fund the printing.

A BIG thank you goes out to the following:

Annabele Moore, Mary Beth Blansett, Michael Carmen, Kimberly Call, Clarissa King, Pamela DeGeyter, Carolyn Sillery, Judy Brown,

Corinne Cochran, Allyson Keller, Donna Jacobsen, Bonnie Humiston,

Dana Carson, Jennifer Hanson, Terry Kessel Myers Coney,

Anita Noone, Kastagir, Judy Amuso, Brian Tepper, Suzen Perry,

Carolyn Johnson, Patty Hayden, Marty Carrier,

Antoinette Prada,

Suzie Dunk, Kristen Eddy

Alicia Blanchard, Loghan Call & Daniel DeCordova.

                                           THANK YOU ALL!!!